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Xiaomi Gateway

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The Gateway acts as the brains of your smart home and is the hub that the zigbee sensors connect to for automation tasks. This is where the magic of a smart home happens, a sensor triggers an event and tells the gateway, the gateway then carries out the task such as turning a bulb on or off or even use it as an alarm with notifications sent straight to your smart phone.

The Gateway has a RGB ring light around it that works great as a night light in the hallway or to add some color to a room. Set it to turn on when it gets dark or have different colors displayed at different times of the day. You could even set it to turn on when motion is detected or when a door is open.

The Gateway also includes a built in speaker that can act as an alarm or a doorbell

Start with the gateway and add any Xiaomi sensors, bulbs, sockets or remotes to create the smart home to suit your needs

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