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Xiaoyi Dome Wi-Fi Smart Camera


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Xiaoyi 360 Dome Smart camera


This camera is great for home security, with motion tracking and video alerts you can be made aware of anyone being in your home. When somebody walks into the room the camera will follow thier movements and send you a 10second video clip of what it saw straight to your smart phone.

You can set the camera to pan from left to right or bookmark certain spots you want the camera to keep an eye on such as entry points, you can set timers when alerts will be active or manually arm and disarm the camera via the Yi Home app. Or manually take control of the camera and look around for yourself with remote pan/tilt/zoom functions.

Make video calls via the app when you are away from home to check in on loved ones or pets, you can see and hear them while they can hear you via a speaker on the camera. With built in night vision it doesnt matter what time of day you can still see what is happening in your home.

Set the camera to record everything or just motion alerts, with everything being saved to a micro sd card up to 32GB. Choose standard definition of high definition recording based on your needs and memory limitations



Yi Home APP required

Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom Via Yi Home APP

Automatic Motion Tracking

10sec Video Alert Notifications

Camera cruise mode, stop at bookmarks or pan horizontally

Set up to 8 Bookmark locations

Night Vision mode with IR

Record To SD card

2-way Audio via Yi Home APP


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