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Smart Ideas

Sometimes just having remote control of colored light bulbs via your phone is enough, sometimes you want the house to turn things on for you. The ways you can run your smart home are endless but here are some ideas to get you started.


Bulbs: (Xiaomi)

Set timers for bulbs to turn on or off

Use with a motion sensor for automatic lighting

Turn them on or off via your phone or using the button clicker

Bulbs can be manually overriden at the switch


IR Remotes: (Xiaomi/Broadlink)

Set timers to run your appliances such as tv, air conditioning or stereo systems

Use with sensors to create automation tasks

Use like a normal Universal remote, but from your phone


Sockets: (Xiaomi/Broadlink)

Use timer rules to supply power to any device plugged into it

Make temperature rules with a sensor to control a simple fan

Add remote on/off to almost anything


Gateway: (Xiaomi)

This is your control hub for sensors which runs the automation tasks

Use as a nightlight, when it is dark the ring will light up

It has a speaker which can be used as an alarm siren or doorbell


Motion sensor: (Xiaomi)

Use it to turn on one your smart bulbs when you enter the room

Use it as an alarm sensor

Use it to send notifications when somebody enters a room


Temperature/humidity sensor: (Xiaomi)

Use a smart socket with a pedestool fan to turn the fan on when above x temperature

Use it with an IR universal remote to turn a/c on or off at x temperature

Use it to turn a heater on when its cold


Door/Window Sensor: (Xiaomi)

Use it alarm a window or a door

Use it to send notifications when somebody seperates the sensors

Use it to turn a light on when door open and turn it off when door closes


Button Switch: (Xiaomi)

Control your devices with either a single click, double click or long press

Set automation tasks to be run upon clicking


Sensors can only be used with the gateway, you can add as many sensors as you like and create rules to involve both sensors and conditions. You can also set the rule to activate on any condition being met or all conditions being met.

For example…

Place a motion sensor and a smart bulb in the bathroom.

You create a rule so the light turns on when motion is detected and time is between 6pm and 6am.

Alongside this rule you would create another that will turn the light off at any time of the day if no motion has been detected for 2 or 5 minutes . Great for power saving